Digital solutions
Why choose the digital services offered by Isomed?
Working in the field of implantology and prosthetic reconstruction nowadays means being able to use (and having to deal with) virtual reality technologies and systems developed to help professionals to give increasingly precise and efficient answers to the problems of their patients.
Designing both the surgical and the prosthetic phase of one's work in a digital environment means saving time and money, reducing stress for patients and the margins of error for professionals.
Isomed therefore decided to develop its own software-assisted surgery protocol and a component system designed ad hoc for digital prosthetic design.
How IsoGuide assisted software surgery works

X-ray and CT scan
To place the Isomed implants following the IsoGuide protocol, the professional is required to send an X-ray and a CT scan of the patient to our specialized laboratory.

Project creation
Based on the indications of the clinician and the analysis of the radiographic images, the IsoGuide laboratory will provide a complete project for the insertion of the implants.

Realization of surgical guide
Once the project is approved, it will lead to the creation of a customized surgical guide.

Finalization of the intervention
This will then be sent to the doctor's office together with all the material (implants, transfers, healing screws, etc.) needed to finalize the surgery.
Training moments and assistance
Isomed also periodically organizes training sessions for professionals who wish to enter the world of IsoGuide, as well as making its consultants available for both face-to-face and remote assistance.